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In a series of media articles, blogs and interviews, David Stanger shares his experiences and knowledge in real estate.

The most efficient thing to do is slow down and tackle problems one at a time rather than trying to multitask multiple at once.

In a recently published article for Sweet Startups, David Stanger explains the impact that Coronavirus is having on interest rates for home buyers. He explains that based on the current crisis, the Federal Reserve Bank has cut interest rates to 0 in an effort to ease constraints on banks and home buyers.

In 2010, David Stanger founded Westmarq Real Estate Group and currently acts as the company’s VP. He holds a Bachelor of Talmudic Law degree from Beth Medrash Govoha and a degree in Real Estate Finance and Investment from NYU SCPS.

Foreclosure is the process whereby a homeowner loses their home due to a failure to make their mortgage payments.

After reaching one of the highest rates in the history of the nation in 2009, the percentage of properties that face ....

When it comes to my business specifically, I foresee us being very busy over the next year. Many people are at risk of losing their homes due to the ...

Foreclosure is a scary word; however, it is something that many Americans worry about daily.

As one of the least predictable sectors of the economy, the housing market remains a very attractive industry for anyone who seeks a source of passive income.

In the past, trying to sell a property while still owing a hefty portion of the mortgage was unnecessarily difficult. The reason why is that no lender would accept less than what rightfully belongs to them.

Deciding to sell your house is a big decision, but once you’ve made up your mind, the best-case scenario is that it sells quickly.